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17 Days Until My 21st

Welp, it’s only 17 days until my 21st birthday. And I’m nervous as hell.

I am absolutely dreading my mom’s reaction to me turning 21. I know she’ll want to join me for alcoholic beverages or try to weasle her way into my birthday plans. Which I don’t even have, yet. Seriously, what is there to do in LA for your 21st?

My goodness. I have no idea what to do. And I’m the oldest out of almost all my friends. I’d almost prefer to just go out by myself and go exploring. Or pamper myself in a hotel all by myself. Ooh, I know this awesome place where you can get a one hour full body massage (without taking your clothes off) for just 20 bucks. Yeah, you read that right. $20. That is definitely going on my to-do list.

Oooh now I’m getting excited. Gosh, does it have to take so long to get here?


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