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Freedom, Maybe?

I might be moving out soon. My fingers are crossed.

A friend of mine has been trying to get a three bedroom apartment (because they tend to be a lot nicer) but she and her mom just can’t afford it by themselves. So adding me to the mix could be a great opportunity to escape from my mother’s evil grasp. And it would make rent pretty cheap.

I can almost taste the freedom. Not having to worry about being caught on the computer. Not worrying about trying to hide college progress. Having the freedom to eat. 

I was staying with my boyfriend for a night and we got pizza. It’s not food I’m supposed to eat, but no one was there telling me I shouldn’t be eating it, or I’m going to get fat, or I’m going to get sick. I didn’t have to hide the fact that I was eating. It was an incredible feeling. I bit into that hot, greasy, pepperoni pizza savoring every bite. Normally I’d shy away from anything that greasy, but I licked the grease from fingers. It was like heaven. 

I’m looking forward to the possibility of cooking. Of cleaning. Being able to go out at night for a walk if I’m feeling claustrophobic. Painting and taking pictures. Working and knowing that I’m taking care of myself. Freedom.


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