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A Quick Update

What a crazy week. I have 5 minutes to write this all down before I have to get ready for work.

I’ve been working 7 days a week with both my jobs. Then I get a call from someone asking me to work some more hours before I go to job number 1. I really need the money, but I’m so damn beat from working so much.

Work has been crazy. People have been quitting left and right and I don’t blame them. If I could I would put in my two weeks right now.

Dang, two minutes left.

I payed off part of my credit card. I still have to pay that stupid company all their money but they really don’t deserve it. I just need to get paid, and soon. Get them off my back for a while.

And I visited my ex. It was a strange experience. But he bought me food. I was so happy to eat. I think I said “thank you” for the food a minimum of 10 times.

Well, time’s up. If I get ready for work quickly I’ll finish my update in more detail.


Alice Hunt


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