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My History Has Been Rewritten

I just had a brief argument with my little golden child sister, Brianna. 

It all started with me mentioning that I like the Dalai Lama. He’s a hero of mine and I look up to him and Buddhism has always made the most sense for me. But my sister started attacking my beliefs and calling me stupid for thinking that Buddhism is a good religion.

Then we got into the topic of school. And how I was a failure. And that’s why I switched schools. 

The things that came out of her mouth shocked me. She so strongly believed that I am this failure and a nobody and worthless. She doesn’t believe that I got A’s and B’s in school because my parents treated me like shit and called me a failure for every B I received and every missed homework assignment. I was never good enough. And yet, she got straight B’s her first year and my parents didn’t care. They were proud of her. And therefore, I couldn’t have done better than her.

It hurts deep inside because now I realize that I can’t trust her. She is too far gone to the influence of my Narcissistic parents. She has defended them and let me know that I am worth less than the dirt under her shoe.

I have no family now. It is just me against these things that call themselves human, but are truly soulless wraiths. And I am trapped here by my own failing body and the efforts of my “family” to keep me down in my worthless position. Give me my wings so I can fly away and forget this place and become whole.

This is the moment that Chapter 2 starts.


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