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He Has A Kid

I just got a text from taco ex.

I apologize in advance because I was getting drunk with my friend. So I don’t even know if I’m making sense.

He has a kid. We had broken up for such a short amount of time, and he got that chick pregnant. And got back with me. Then broke up with me. And now has a kid.

I feel so wrong saying this, but that kid was supposed to be ours. We were supposed to have kids together. We talked about it. It was mostly his idea. And then he left. And he now has a kid.

WTF!!!??? How do you deal with something like that. I was fucking drunk when he told me. I’m in shock. Dude… I’m hurt. But this isn’t about me. I just have to remember that. It’s not about me.

So I’m guessing we’ll never get to be together after this. Never. So I have to find a new soulmate. It hurts so bad. It’s never good to be sad and drunk. Happy drunk is so much better. I was supposed to be having fun instead of hurting. I feel stupid. Loving this guy. And he has a child. A son. That should have been my child. His child. Not hers. Why? Why do I care? Why is ‘why’ the most difficult question to answer?

I don’t think I’m sober enough to delve into this. I’ll discuss/think about this later. Fuck. My heart has been broken. Why? Anyways… I’ll talkm to you you later.. I have no soul mate anymore. It’s the end. Gosh.


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