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Bullet Trains

How do things move at such a quick pace?

So the day after I found out about taco ex’s kid, I broke up with my boyfriend because I realized that I don’t and probably never would love him as much as I did my ex. It wasn’t fair to keep dragging him along, so we broke things off.

Then a few days later I start seeing a guy that I’ve known for many years and we technically are dating now. Damn I move at super-sonic speed. Part of me thinks it was a bad idea for me to jump into this so quickly. 

So then the day before yesterday, my ex texts me and we argue all night long. He wants another chance and doesn’t think I should have broken up with him. He made a lot of good points, like I don’t tend to share my feelings with anyone. And I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress with my crazy parents and work and school. Our relationship had really suffered.

So here I am trying to slow this bullet train down and not make anymore foolish decisions. So I’m making no decisions at all. I’m just waiting until I can trust my brain again. And who knows when that will be.


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